What a Handyman Can and Can’t Do

Home Improvement Tips

Many homeowners delay small home improvement projects simply because they don’t have the tools, skills or time to do them properly. The problem is that these small, but yet important, things accumulate, and eventually lead to serious problems. In order to avoid this, homeowners should think about hiring a handyman. There are many things a reliable handyman can do, and the best part is, they charge only a fraction of the price big contractors do.

handyman A handyman is defined as someone who is skillful with the use of his hands, easily reached, nearby and convenient. Although they don’t specialize in a particular industry, most handymen are knowledgeable, experienced and skilled to tackle almost any home improvement project. Lets have a closer look to what sort of jobs a handyman can do.

First, you should know that there are a few jobs which require a licensed contractor. Even if your handyman is more than able to tackle them, you should still think about hiring an insured and licensed company. Here are some jobs a handyman shouldn’t do.

  • Gas fitting. This is a job that requires professionals which specialize in gas fitting work.
  • Electricity. Electrical wiring and other electrical work must be performed by licensed electricians.
  • Plumbing. Most plumbing installations must be done by licensed plumbers.

However, the list with the things a handyman can do is much bigger than the list of jobs they can’t do.

  • Flat-pack and Kit Installation. Your handyman can install furniture, kitchen cabinets, carports, etc.
  • Carpentry. Fitting doors, hanging shelves or any other carpentry related jobs, are suitable for handymen. Some handymen can even build small sheds or other small structures, and all for less money than professional builders.
  • Wall Hanging. Hanging TVs, mirrors, paintings, or other heavy objects is something that a handyman can do efficiently and in a timely manner.
  • Painting. If you are thinking about painting a room but the project doesn’t feel large enough for a licensed painter, you can use a handyman.

    These are just a few of the home improvement projects a handyman can help you with. Find out more by calling Odds And Ends Handyman Service in Dallas, TX. Their number is (214) 937-0728.