Avail Our Dependable Lawn Care and Landscaping Services

Do you need your lawn trimmed but don’t have the time and/or skills? Are you planning to install new elements in your yard in Dallas TX? For these activities, avail our lawn care and landscaping services here at Odds & Ends Handyman Services. We have done various lawn and landscaping projects for over 50 years. Here are some of the things you can expect when working with your landscape:

  • Lawn Mowing – It is important to trim lawn grass throughout the seasons for proper growth. Depending on your lawn size, mowing it can take a lot of time. If you run on a busy schedule, then hire us to mow your lawn. You can expect us to bring powerful mowers of various sizes. We use the right ones for quick, effective grass trimming. You should hire us for regular mowing to maintain your lawn’s verdant appeal.
  • Lawn Fertilization – You can also hire us to feed your lawn grass and plants for you. We have the specific know-how to tend to various plants. You can expect us to test your soil’s pH and nutrient values. Doing so will let us determine the proper fertilizer your plants need. We also bring top-grade spreaders and aerators for effective feeding. These ensure your lawn receives the right fertilizer amount for better health.
  • Landscape Installation – We also do dependable landscaping work for various projects. You can count on us to install wood, stone, and other landscaping elements. We even update ourselves with the latest landscaping trends. We make sure to place your desired elements based on your design specifications. By hiring us, we give you an assurance of a verdant and well-maintained lawn.

You can depend on Odds & Ends Handyman Services for reliable lawn care and landscaping services in Dallas TX. We also provide professional handyman and other home improvement solutions. Some of our services are also available for commercial clients. For service schedules, inquires, and feedback, feel free to contact us today at (214) 937-0728.