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Odds & Ends Handyman Services specializes in commercial and business building repairs and handyman services. We provide facility and building services to business clients in Dallas. We can offer you commercial and business building repairs and also we can focus on specialty services.

Maybe you don’t have the time, or skills or just don’t like doing it. Whatever the reason, Odds & Ends Handyman Services is ready to help. We are able to deal with your remodeling projects proficiently, prompt and expeditiously.

I used this company for commercial building repairs. I was pleased with the customer service and with the quality of the work performed. I would recommend Odds & Ends Handyman Services for any work no matter how small or large.

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Odds & Ends Handyman Services

Address: 4920 Live Oak Street Dallas, TX 75206
Phone: (214) 937-0728

Looking for a professional handyman to fix things around your business building? Allow us to offer you outstanding, fast and affordable commercial and business building repairs or handyman repairs. We have been serving Handyman using a hammercommercial clients in Street Dallas, TX for many years and we always deliver excellent results.

Your property matters to us, which is why at Odds & Ends Handyman Services,we go the extra mile to offer you extra-quality building handyman repairs and maintenance. Our skilled workforce of honest professionals is on hand around the clock for all your property maintenance needs. We use only the most highly skilled tradesmen.

Our professional commercial handyman and building maintenance services help clients that cannot or are unwilling to handle their own maintenance and repair operations. Our services will be required when the premises cannot be maintained by amateurs. These days commercial properties are usually high-raised skyscrapers or multi storied buildings. It is not easy to maintain a high-raised building. If you attempt to do the task yourself, you can cause even more damage, which will be costlier to repair than the initial one. Or even worse somebody can be hurt. Why should you take that risk? Trust the experts – trust us. Only professional handyman repair companies can take up this difficult task because they have the resources and the trained specialist to do the job.

Call a commercial and business building repairs expert today at (214) 937-0728

With our long experience in commercial and business building repairs, it is not hard for us to find the ideal combination of high quality and low price, when it comes to both materials and labor. Whether you need your appliances, faucet or fixtures repaired, Odds & Ends Handyman Services in Dallas, TX can handle with your improvement projects perfectly. We will help you with tricks, suggestions and tips on how to enhance the appearance, functionality and comfort of your office rather inexpensively.

Tools for repair workWe understand that price is a major concern, but with Odds & Ends Handyman Services you have nothing to worry. We keep our costs low, while providing an exceptional level of customer service. We promise that we will always meet the deadlines and there will be no additional costs.

If you need a handyman repair done professional and fast, regardless of its size, all you have to do is contact us. You can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

With all the hustle and bustle of the city life, having someone come and do the commercial and business building repairs for you will benefit you a great deal. When it comes to handyman repairs, it’s great to have someone else do the job. And your best option is to employ the services of a trusted commercial handyman service provider. For those whose hands are already full, Odds & Ends Handyman Services is the company for you. We provide stellar services for the apartment, houses and commercial establishments in Dallas, TX.